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Jackie’s Training Log 1.21.19 – 1.27.19

Jackie – Week 1 of 4

Background – Jackie is a Freshman in college and is currently in-season playing Squash. She practices 5x/week for 2 hours/day and typically has a match on the weekend 3 out of the 4 weekends in a month. She has just recovered and feeling “back to her normal” from a rotator cuff strain 2 months ago. Right before Christmas break she was starting to develop very mild low back and right knee pain, but that has gone away with her time off from Squash.

Training History – The only organized training she has done was 4 years ago. She had personal training going from 8th grade into her freshman year of high school and the focus was on balance and coordination. The Squash team she is on at her college currently has no training program for them.

Jackie’s Primary Goal – Gain full body strength for injury prevention


1 – Six foundational movement patterns

  • Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push (Vertical and Horizontal), Pull (Vertical and Horizontal) and Carry
  • Compound movements allow more weight to be used as compared to accessory lifts. This provides more of a stimulus to the working muscles and the surrounding area, yielding more efficient muscle fiber growth and strength gains when compared to isolation work.
  • Resembles everyday movements. Simultaneously recruiting muscle groups and not only producing strength gains, but in a more practical sense.

2 – Frequency of training

  • Primary focus is that Jackie is in-season for her sport. In-season training is very important for maintaining strength and performance.
  • 2x/week is enough when you put it alongside 5x/week practices for 2 hours/day and weekend games.

3 – Full Body Workouts

  • Less time commitment with an already busy schedule
  • Maximizes recovery with more days between workouts
  • Better manages fatigue with lower CNS stress

What’s to Come – Throughout the next three weeks Jackie linearly progresses working sets, reps, or the load being moved. There is some variety in exercises (which is another benefit of compound movements), but each week has the six foundational movements. Incremental increases, done in a way that allows Jackie to perform more sets, complete more reps, or add more weight each time, yields the fastest results.

The Novice Effect – With Jackie being relatively untrained, she will get stronger just by lifting weights consistently at first. She is doing something that is physically harder than anything she’s ever done, and therefore her body will adapt to the stimulus by improving strength and performance. The rate of strength gain slows with the longer training career, which means her programming will need to get more and more specific to continue to adapt.

Figure 1. The rate of strength gain over a training career. Note the steep slope characteristic of the novice period; these are the fastest gains a lifter will ever make, regardless of the quality of the program. The better the program, the better the results (Mark Rippetoe, 2010).

Weekly Structure

  • Do not perform the days back-to-back with ideally 48-72 hours between sessions
  • Do not workout the day before a competition

Day 1

Squat / Vertical Push / Horizontal Pull

A) Warm-Up

Shoulder External Rotation – 2 x 10-12 reps

Bear Crawls – 2 x 50 ft.

Single Leg Bridges – 2 x 10-12 ea. leg

B1) Goblet Squat 3 x 8 (20#-30#)

B2) Dead Bugs 3 x 10 ea.

C1) 1/2 Kneeling Overhead Press 3 x 8 ea. (10#-15#)

C2) 3-Point DB Row 3 x 12 ea. (15#-20#)

D1) DB Lateral Lunge 3 x 8 ea. (10#-15#)

D2) Plank Shoulder Taps 3 x 10 ea.

Day 2

Hip Hinge / Vertical Pull / Horizontal Push

A) Warm-Up

Prone Snow Angels 2 x 5 with 5-1-5 tempo

Adductor Rockbacks 2 x 10 ea.

Down Dog 2 x 6-8

B1) KB Deadlift – to an elevated surface 3 x 8 (20#-30#)

*Decrease height of weights/box throughout the program

B2) 1/2 Kneeling KB Lift/Chop 3 x 8 ea. (10#-15#)

C1) Machine Assisted Pull-Ups 3 x 6-8

C2) DB Floor Press 3 x 10-12 (10#-15#)

D1) DB Step Ups 3 x 8-10 ea. (10#-15#)

D2) DB Farmer’s Carry 3 x 100 ft. (25#-30#)

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